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Dr. Khemeswar Agasti
is an MD General Medicine from Cuttack

Dr. Khemeswar Agasti is an MD General Medicine from Cuttack.

MIP:Understanding Chorea Hyperglycemia Basal Ganglia Syndrome (CHBG): Dr Khemeswar Agasti
Watch Dr Agasti outline the nature of chor... more»Watch Dr Agasti outline the nature of chorea & its potential association with hyperglycemia. He also elaborates on its underlying pathophysiology involving basal ganglia dysfunction, & the general treatment approaches used to manage the condition. «less

By Khemeswar Agasti | Feb 29, 2024

MIP- Scrub Typhus & Herpes: Investigation Methodology & Management Protocol- Dr Khemeswar Agasti
Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti explain scrub ty... more»Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti explain scrub typhus an infectious disease, its signs and symptoms, ways to diagnose and the differentials. He also describes the complications of scrub typhus and its management. «less

By Khemeswar Agasti | Nov 22, 2023

MIP: Viral Conjunctivitis: Management Protocol- Dr Khemeswar Agasti
Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti describe conjunc... more»Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti describe conjunctiva & conjunctivitis. Discover the different types, how they show up in patients, & the various ways doctors diagnose them. He also shares smart tips to stop the spread & talks about effective treatments that make all the difference. «less

By Khemeswar Agasti | Aug 28, 2023

Explore the significance of the MMR vaccin... more»Explore the significance of the MMR vaccine in combating mumps outbreaks, its role in preventing complications, and the importance of maintaining herd immunity. Delve into vaccination challenges, debunked controversies, and global health equity initiatives. «less
May 29, 2024
This International Nurse Day special artic... more»This International Nurse Day special article highlights the indispensable role of nurses in patient care. It emphasises their impact on satisfaction and experience through empathy, advocacy, education, and quality improvement efforts. «less
May 12, 2024
This article delves into vitamin D toxicit... more»This article delves into vitamin D toxicity's various facets, including its symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic criteria, treatment approaches, long-term effects, and pertinent case studies. «less
Apr 09, 2024
This article provides a comprehensive guid... more»This article provides a comprehensive guide for physicians to help them understand and manage food allergies in children. Additionally, it introduces specific oral tolerance induction (SOTI) as a promising alternative treatment for certain childhood food allergies. «less
Dec 15, 2023
This article emphasises the significance o... more»This article emphasises the significance of obtaining medical evaluation for proper diagnosis and management and provides a thorough overview of acute, subacute, and chronic coughs. «less
Dec 03, 2023
The article underscores immunisation's vit... more»The article underscores immunisation's vital role for the elderly, covering immune changes, vaccines, safety, and strategies. It also addresses post-HSCT patient vaccination recommendations and ways to tackle vaccine hesitancy. «less
Aug 16, 2023
The article explores the recent conjunctiv... more»The article explores the recent conjunctivitis outbreak causing red eye cases nationwide, detailing its types, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Emphasises hygiene and seeking medical help. «less
Aug 10, 2023
Tophaceous gout is an advanced stage of go... more»Tophaceous gout is an advanced stage of gout characterised by the deposition of urate crystals, forming visible tophi in joints and soft tissues. Explore management advancements in tophaceous gout, including novel therapies and diagnostic insights, for enhanced patient care. «less
Aug 01, 2023
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