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Dr. Khemeswar Agasti
is an MD General Medicine from Cuttack

Dr. Khemeswar Agasti is an MD General Medicine from Cuttack.

MIP: Viral Conjunctivitis: Management Protocol- Dr Khemeswar Agasti
Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti describe conjunc... more»Watch Dr Khemeswar Agasti describe conjunctiva & conjunctivitis. Discover the different types, how they show up in patients, & the various ways doctors diagnose them. He also shares smart tips to stop the spread & talks about effective treatments that make all the difference. «less

By Khemeswar Agasti | Aug 28, 2023

The article underscores immunisation's vit... more»The article underscores immunisation's vital role for the elderly, covering immune changes, vaccines, safety, and strategies. It also addresses post-HSCT patient vaccination recommendations and ways to tackle vaccine hesitancy. «less
Aug 16, 2023
The article explores the recent conjunctiv... more»The article explores the recent conjunctivitis outbreak causing red eye cases nationwide, detailing its types, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Emphasises hygiene and seeking medical help. «less
Aug 10, 2023
Tophaceous gout is an advanced stage of go... more»Tophaceous gout is an advanced stage of gout characterised by the deposition of urate crystals, forming visible tophi in joints and soft tissues. Explore management advancements in tophaceous gout, including novel therapies and diagnostic insights, for enhanced patient care. «less
Aug 01, 2023
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