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MIP: Importance of Pap Smear: Conventional vs Thin: Dr Deepti Pruthvi
Watch Dr Deepti Prithvi provide insights i... more»Watch Dr Deepti Prithvi provide insights into the discovery and pathophysiology of the Pap smear, as well as various diagnostic tests & procedures also different types of Pap smears. She also highlights the clinical significance of squamous cell carcinoma and endocervical adenocarcinoma. «less

By Deepti Pruthvi | Jul 22, 2024

MIP: Diabetes in Pregnancy: Screening, Diagnosis & Management: Dr Nikita
Watch Dr. Nikita as she discusses the diag... more»Watch Dr. Nikita as she discusses the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy. Along with addressing antenatal care and contraception recommendations for GDM patients, she also addresses the distinction between gestational diabetes mellitus and diabetes in pregnancy. «less

By Nikita | Jul 19, 2024

MIP: COPD Management as Per Latest GOLD Guideline: Dr Nisarg Patel
Watch Dr Nisarg discuss in detail the 2024... more»Watch Dr Nisarg discuss in detail the 2024 International GOLD guidelines for the management of COPD. He also explains the different etiotypes, clinical indicators, diagnostic criterias for COPD and the interventions that reduces COPD exerbations. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Jul 08, 2024

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