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MIP: The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Chronic Diseases : Dr. Akshayaa S
On the occasion of World Health Day, watch... more»On the occasion of World Health Day, watch Dr Akshayaa discuss how nutrition is highlighted as a crucial factor in managing chronic diseases, with case studies supporting the correlation between diet and health outcomes. «less

By Akshayaa | Apr 07, 2024

MIP- Strategies for Effective Healthcare Marketing: A Physician's Perspective- Dr. Akshayaa S
Watch Dr. Akshayaa delve into the signific... more»Watch Dr. Akshayaa delve into the significance of healthcare marketing and strategies for implementation. She emphasises ethical practices and patient education teaching strategies for industry professionals. «less

By Akshayaa | Mar 31, 2024

MIP- Macrovascular Complication of Diabetes: Risk Assessment and Prevention- Dr Abhijeet Muglikar
Watch Dr. Abhijeet discuss macrovascular c... more»Watch Dr. Abhijeet discuss macrovascular complications, risk factors, ASCVD risk score, prevention measures, and case studies in diabetic patients, providing essential insights for better management. «less

By Abhijeet Muglikar | Mar 29, 2024

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