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M3 India is a Joint Venture between M3 Inc. Japan and Health Care at Home India Pvt. Ltd. This initiative will leverage the power of technology and the reach provided by the internet to expand and enhance information access and communication across the entire Indian healthcare sector. M3 group's web-based platforms will help healthcare professionals stay abreast with ever-evolving practice of medicine, leading to better patient care. Additionally, M3's globally successful proprietary services will support close collaboration within the life sciences industry and promote advancement of healthcare and research solutions in India.

M3, Inc. is a global company based in Tokyo, specializing in revolutionizing healthcare through integration of real life processes with web-platform based solutions. Their three M's stand for Medicine, Media, and Metamorphosis. M3, Inc. strives to provide all healthcare professionals, patients, and related companies with services that offer value defined by its philosophy, "making use of the Internet to increase, as much as possible, the number of people who can live longer and healthier lives, and to reduce, as much as possible, the amount of unnecessary medical costs." With over four million physician members globally across its web-based platforms centered in Japan, US, China, EU, and South Korea, M3 group's collective accumulated expertise can now be leveraged to provide M3 India with the next dimension of innovation and access to information.

Health Care at Home India (HCAH) is a premium provider of home based healthcare services in India. Health Care at Home India is backed by the Burman family (the promoters of Dabur), with their proud legacy of trust and excellence for over 125 years. HCAH's endeavour is also backed by the clinical credibility of the founders of the Health Care at Home UK, where the company has a healthy market share of 80% and is considered a leader and pioneer in home healthcare. In India, HCAH is striving to bring significant value to the healthcare industry and the home health service sector by drawing synergies and lending support to existing organizations. Above all HCAH's aim is to bring quality health care, offering comfort and convenience to the patient right at their door step.

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