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3 facts why you should join our panel:

  • 8K+ Doctors participated in 35+ Indian and Global studies in 2019
  • Average honorarium per survey was Rs. 1,900 and total honoraria as high as Rs. 10,500 was earned by a Doctor
  • Help shape developments in Healthcare by sharing knowledge in your spare time!

About the Surveys

  • Paidstudies

    Paid Studies

    You will be paid for every study that you successfully complete.

  • Newproducts

    New Products

    Learn about new medical treatments and influence the development of new products.

  • Relevantstudies

    Relevant Studies

    You will be invited to research studies that are relevant to your area of expertise.

  • Time

    Convenient Time

    You can take part in online surveys at any time of the day at your best convenience.

  • Research

    Valuable Research

    You will receive priority invites to studies on a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical topics and products.

  • Noobligation 1

    No Obligation

    There is no obligation to respond to study invitations. It is entirely up to you which studies you partake in.

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