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Navigating Gastrointestinal Challenges During Monsoon: Dr Sanjay Sonar
Watch Dr Sanjay Sonar discuss the monsoon ... more»Watch Dr Sanjay Sonar discuss the monsoon season's risks to the GI tract, including increased water and food contamination leading to gastroenteritis and infections. He provides essential preventive measures to minimise risks and effective treatment options to manage these conditions. «less

By Sanjay Sonar | Jul 31, 2023

Monsoon's Impact on Respiratory Health: Prevention and Management
Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discuss the effects... more»Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discuss the effects of monsoon on respiratory health, common illnesses, age groups at risk, symptoms, & vital insights on distinguishing between the common cold, flu, & pneumonia. He also advices the key prevention measures that doctors should know & share with their patients. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Jul 24, 2023

Paediatric Care during Monsoon: Dr. Shaukat Panjawani
Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani addresses conc... more»Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani addresses concerns about childhood illnesses during the monsoon season. He highlights common diseases, symptoms, allergies, and skin infections prevalent during this time, along with recommending preventive measures for parents and patients. «less

By Shaukat Panjawani | Jul 17, 2023

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