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MIP: MASLD & Diabetes: Dr. Ganesh Patti
Watch Dr. Ganesh Patti delve into MASLD, i... more»Watch Dr. Ganesh Patti delve into MASLD, illuminating its metabolic origins and diagnostic techniques like imaging and blood tests. He emphasises a treatment approach integrating lifestyle adjustments with medical management strategies. «less

By Ganesh Patti | Mar 22, 2024

MIP: Endoscopic Evaluation in Upper GI Bleeding: Dr Vishal Bodh
Watch Dr. Vishal emphasise the importance ... more»Watch Dr. Vishal emphasise the importance of endoscopy in managing upper gastrointestinal bleeding. He illuminates the latest recommendations from the Indian Society of Gastroenterology and the American College of Gastroenterology, highlighting endoscopy's pivotal role in diagnosis and treatment. «less

By Vishal Bodh | Mar 18, 2024

MIP: Immunisation Strategies for Cancer Patients: Dr Mohit Saxena
On this National Immunisation/Vaccination ... more»On this National Immunisation/Vaccination Day, watch Dr Mohit Saxena provide detailed insights into infection risks in cancer patients, safe vaccines for them & post-transplant patients. He also discusses official recommendations and the necessity of COVID-19 vaccination for cancer patients. «less

By Mohit Saxena | Mar 16, 2024

MIP- Myths and Facts About Kidney Disease: Know it All- Dr Bhavin Mandowara
On World Kidney Day, Dr. Bhavin dispels ki... more»On World Kidney Day, Dr. Bhavin dispels kidney disease myths, emphasising their commonality. He clarifies misconceptions about symptoms, causes, & lifelong dialysis, also addressing kidney donation safety & advising on suitable salt choices—a concise overview of key kidney health aspects. «less

By Bhavin Mandowara | Mar 14, 2024

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