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Skin Rashes in Children: Dr Punwani Defines What Should be Concerning and How to Approach
Watch Dr Punwani talk about the numerous s... more»Watch Dr Punwani talk about the numerous skin rashes along with their clinical differentiation that are typical in children. In this video, he also guides us on how to protect children's delicate skin and how to help parents through counselling. «less

By Dushyant V. Punwani | Oct 31, 2022

Cracker Burns: How to be Prepared This Diwali: Dr Gurinder Singh
Reckless use of firecrackers can result in... more»Reckless use of firecrackers can result in mild to severe burns, which, if not treated on time, could be life-threatening. Watch Dr Gurinder Singh discuss the different types of burn injuries along with their management. «less

By Gurinder Singh | Oct 24, 2022

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