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MIP: Emerging Therapies for Autoimmune Skin Disorders: Dr Monica Gundecha
Dr. Monica explains autoimmune skin disord... more»Dr. Monica explains autoimmune skin disorders, traditional treatments, and potential side effects of emerging therapies versus traditional options. She covers the long-term efficacy, safety, and costs of emerging therapies, along with ethical considerations and treatments to improve quality of life. «less

By Monica Jain | Mar 11, 2024

MIP: Management of Heart Murmurs in Paediatric Patients: Dr Birdevinder Singh
Watch Dr Birdevindar's presentation which ... more»Watch Dr Birdevindar's presentation which provides essential insights into identifying and managing innocent murmurs in children. It delves into the crucial aspects of distinguishing them from pathological conditions and providing reassurance to parents. «less

By Birdevinder Singh | Mar 07, 2024

MIP- Obesity Evaluation and Intervention in Indian Context- Dr. Hitesh Saraogi
Watch Dr. Hitesh explain the prevalence, c... more»Watch Dr. Hitesh explain the prevalence, contributing factors, and effective management of obesity in India. Explore lifestyle interventions, medication, surgical options, and long-term strategies for weight loss and maintenance. «less

By Hitesh Saraogi | Mar 04, 2024

MIP: Cleft Lip : Treatment and Surgical Intervention: Dr Rohan Gundecha
Watch Dr Gundecha provide a comprehensive ... more»Watch Dr Gundecha provide a comprehensive understanding of cleft lip, covering its management along with surgical interventions & long-term outcomes. He also explains the importance of multidisciplinary support & potential impacts on patient's hearing. «less

By Rohan Gundecha | Mar 03, 2024

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