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Dr. Nisarg Patel
is a Pulmonologist in Vastral, Ahmedabad and has an experience of 6 years

Dr. Nisarg Patel is a pulmonologist in Vastral, Ahmedabad and has an experience of 6 years in this field. He is a member of the Indian Chest Society.

MIP: COPD Management as Per Latest GOLD Guideline: Dr Nisarg Patel
Watch Dr Nisarg discuss in detail the 2024... more»Watch Dr Nisarg discuss in detail the 2024 International GOLD guidelines for the management of COPD. He also explains the different etiotypes, clinical indicators, diagnostic criterias for COPD and the interventions that reduces COPD exerbations. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Jul 08, 2024

MIP- Tuberculosis Preventive Therapies: What are the Latest Updates- Dr. Nisarg Patel
On World Tuberculosis Day, watch Dr. Nisar... more»On World Tuberculosis Day, watch Dr. Nisarg Patel highlight the burden of TB and the importance of preventive therapy, covering target populations, regimens, contraindications, side effects, and drug interactions, underscoring its crucial role in combatting the disease. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Mar 24, 2024

Management of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel's clinical presenta... more»Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel's clinical presentation where he explains the diagnostic investigations and treatment of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). He also includes the criteria used for diagnosis in India and potential complications associated with the condition. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Feb 09, 2024

MIP: Latest Treatment for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis : Dr. Nisarg Patel
Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discussing the burd... more»Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discussing the burden of tuberculosis, highlighting the new guidelines for Drug-Resistant TB. He also explains the essential investigations, providing a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals tackling TB challenges. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Jan 24, 2024

Respiratory Emergencies: What Should Your Approach be?
Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discusses common re... more»Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discusses common respiratory emergencies, with the help of case discussion and an approach to managing respiratory emergencies. He also covers basic investigations and explores the differential diagnosis for such patients. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Nov 20, 2023

Pneumonia: Understanding the Pathophysiology & Management
On World Pneumonia Day, Watch Dr. Nisarg P... more»On World Pneumonia Day, Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel address pneumonia management in clinical practice. He emphasises on the risk factors for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and the significance of prevention and early diagnosis. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Nov 12, 2023

Monsoon's Impact on Respiratory Health: Prevention and Management
Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discuss the effects... more»Watch Dr. Nisarg Patel discuss the effects of monsoon on respiratory health, common illnesses, age groups at risk, symptoms, & vital insights on distinguishing between the common cold, flu, & pneumonia. He also advices the key prevention measures that doctors should know & share with their patients. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Jul 24, 2023

This article evaluates obstructive sleep a... more»This article evaluates obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), in particular, its diagnosis, and treatment options, as well as the possible advantages of bariatric surgery in obese OSA patients. «less
Oct 03, 2023
This article discusses the classification,... more»This article discusses the classification, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of allergic rhinitis, an inflammatory illness of the nasal mucosa brought on by environmental allergens. It also highlights the disorder's rising prevalence and detrimental effects on quality of life. «less
Sep 14, 2023
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