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Dr. Ashima Sharma
Abdominal and neurological symptoms can de... more»Abdominal and neurological symptoms can develop simultaneously with several illnesses and inflammatory, genetic, and metabolic problems. Dr Ashima describes her experience with a case of sudden abdominal pain in this article. «less
Dec 19, 2022
Neuroparalytic envenomation: How to identify & treat- Dr. Ashima Sharma
In the second part of Primary Care of Snak... more»In the second part of Primary Care of Snakebite, Dr. Ashima Sharma explains the types of snake bites, symptoms of venomous snake bites & the bleeding pattern in the victim, and important characteristic features of neuroparalytic envenomation. «less

By Ashima Sharma | Sep 04, 2021

Primary care of snakebite: The first few minutes - Dr. Ashima Sharma
Dr. Ashima Sharma speaks on the immediate ... more»Dr. Ashima Sharma speaks on the immediate considerations at the primary care level for a victim of snakebite. She provides 10-step pointers for management, busts myths around use of ASV, and details on identification of venomous snake bites. «less

By Ashima Sharma | Aug 21, 2021

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