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MIP: Neonatal Jaundice: How to Classify and Manage?
Watch Dr. Rajiv Balan talk about the evalu... more»Watch Dr. Rajiv Balan talk about the evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of neonatal jaundice along with two unique case studies in this video. He also throws light on breast feeding jaundice & breast milk jaundice in infants. «less

By Rajiv Balan | Feb 22, 2023

Cancer Pain Management: A Multimodal Approach by Dr Suneesh S
Watch Dr Suneesh talk about the causes and... more»Watch Dr Suneesh talk about the causes and types of pain that are experienced by cancer patients and the factors that cause pain in cancer. He also shares his treatment strategy and his views about the use of morphine in cancer pain management. «less

By Suneesh S | Feb 06, 2023

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