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MIP- Corrosive Poisoning: Effective Strategies & Management- Dr Jimmy Patel
Watch Dr. Jimmy Patel discuss corrosive in... more»Watch Dr. Jimmy Patel discuss corrosive ingestion, exploring types, Alkali vs. Acid injuries, and effective management, including guidance on when to consider surgical referral. Gain insights into this critical topic in a concise and informative discussion. «less

By Jimmy Patel | Feb 19, 2024

MIP: Enteric Fever Management in Paediatric Patients: Dr. Shaukat Panjawani
Watch Dr. Panjawani provide a thorough exp... more»Watch Dr. Panjawani provide a thorough explanation of enteric fever, covering its causes, symptoms, and methods for prevention. He discusses the value of immunisations, antibiotic medication, and hygiene as well. «less

By Shaukat Panjawani | Feb 12, 2024

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