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MIP: Managing Allergic Emergencies this Holi: Dr. Sunil Chaudhary
This Holi, watch Dr. Sunil outline the pot... more»This Holi, watch Dr. Sunil outline the potential organ involvement due to Holi colour allergies, emphasising the dangers of ocular involvement. Learn why organic colours are safer and discover essential preventive tips before and after playing Holi, ensuring a safe and joyful celebration. «less

By Sunil Choudhary | Mar 25, 2024

MIP- Tuberculosis Preventive Therapies: What are the Latest Updates- Dr. Nisarg Patel
On World Tuberculosis Day, watch Dr. Nisar... more»On World Tuberculosis Day, watch Dr. Nisarg Patel highlight the burden of TB and the importance of preventive therapy, covering target populations, regimens, contraindications, side effects, and drug interactions, underscoring its crucial role in combatting the disease. «less

By Nisarg Patel | Mar 24, 2024

MIP: MASLD & Diabetes: Dr. Ganesh Patti
Watch Dr. Ganesh Patti delve into MASLD, i... more»Watch Dr. Ganesh Patti delve into MASLD, illuminating its metabolic origins and diagnostic techniques like imaging and blood tests. He emphasises a treatment approach integrating lifestyle adjustments with medical management strategies. «less

By Ganesh Patti | Mar 22, 2024

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