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  • Dr astha 1683879677
    Dr. Aastha Tyagi
    is a medical writer & social media influencer. Founder of Medical Notestepup on Instagram
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  • Dr bhave abhay 1526879040
    Dr. Abhay Bhave
    is a Consultant Haematologist at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai with 31 years of experience
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  • Dr achal bhagat 1525688785
    Dr. Achal Bhagat
    is a Chairperson of Saarthak, a group of mental health organisations
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  • Dr ajay duseja 1669056722
    Dr. Ajay Duseja
    is a Professor in the Department of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh with over 300 publications
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  • Dr ajay kumar 1682757692
    Dr. Ajay Kumar
    is the Chairman of BLK Liver and Digestive Diseases Institute from Pusa Road, New Delhi
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  • Dr aju 1682758193
    Dr. Aju Mathew
    is a Medical Oncologist, Haematologist, Internist and Epidemiologist practising in Kochi
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  • Dr alka deshpande 1525864956
    Dr. Alaka Deshpande
    is a Padma Shree awardee and Former Prof & HOD of Internal Medicine at Sir J J Hospital, Mumbai
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  • Dr alpana mohta 1679987030
    Dr. Alpana Mohta
    is MD, DNB, FEADV, FSOCS, FIADVL, FIAL. Dermatologist, Venereologist and Leprologist
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  • 20160927203611469 1599978945
    Dr. Amrutha C V
    is a practising Gynaecologist from Kochi
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  • Dr anand kulkarni 1682769196
    Dr. Anand Kulkarni
    is a Hepatologist at a reputed hospital in Hyderabad
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