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Dr. Shaukat Panjawani
is a Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist at Olive Multispecialty Hospital, Vapi

Dr. Shaukat Panjawani MD Pediatrics is a practising paediatrician from Gujarat.

MIP: Enteric Fever Management in Paediatric Patients: Dr. Shaukat Panjawani
Watch Dr. Panjawani provide a thorough exp... more»Watch Dr. Panjawani provide a thorough explanation of enteric fever, covering its causes, symptoms, and methods for prevention. He discusses the value of immunisations, antibiotic medication, and hygiene as well. «less

By Shaukat Panjawani | Feb 12, 2024

Paediatric Care during Monsoon: Dr. Shaukat Panjawani
Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani addresses conc... more»Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani addresses concerns about childhood illnesses during the monsoon season. He highlights common diseases, symptoms, allergies, and skin infections prevalent during this time, along with recommending preventive measures for parents and patients. «less

By Shaukat Panjawani | Jul 17, 2023

Unraveling the Mystery: Treatment Approach to Fever of Unknown Origin in Paediatric Patients
Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani explain a conc... more»Watch Dr. Shaukat Panjawani explain a concise overview of paediatric fever, its pathogenesis, aetiology, investigation, and treatment. The video provides valuable insights into understanding and managing fever in children in clinical settings. «less

By Shaukat Panjawani | May 22, 2023

This article guides diagnosing and managin... more»This article guides diagnosing and managing urinary tract infections (UTIs) in children. It also emphasises proper evaluation methods, treatment with antibiotics, and long-term monitoring to prevent complications such as renal scarring and hypertension. «less
Apr 02, 2024
Immunocompromised or febrile patients prov... more»Immunocompromised or febrile patients provide special challenges for the administering physician when it comes to vaccination. By offering various vaccination strategies, this article will assist medical professionals in the treatment of such patients. «less
Mar 16, 2023
The primary cause of Respiratory Distress ... more»The primary cause of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) is an inadequate pulmonary surfactant. This article represents two cases of RDS in twins in which one of the babies developed severe RDS requiring ventilatory care and surfactant administration, while the other baby did not. «less
Jan 09, 2023
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