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Dr. P. K. Julka
is an extremely accomplished Oncologist, author, researcher on cancer and a medical educationalist

An oncologist, author, researcher on cancer and a medical educationalist, Dr. P.K. Julka has a rich career spanning decades, dedicated to research and treatment of cancer. He is best known for performing the first peripheral blood stem cell transplant following high dose chemotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer in India and hence secured a record in the Limca Book of Records, 1998. Dr. Julka is currently the Senior Director at Max Oncology Day Care Centre and continues his journey in the field of cancer and medicine through his expertise.

Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka elaborates on the a... more»Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka elaborates on the advancements made in the identification of predictive and prognostic biomarkers for personalising colorectal cancer treatments. The video also summarises the newer somatic mutations and their clinical utility. «less
Jan 21, 2021
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