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Dr. Shriraam Mahadevan
MIP: Management of hypothyroidism - Dr. Shriram Mahadevan
Watch Dr Shriram Mahadevan talk about the ... more»Watch Dr Shriram Mahadevan talk about the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment approach towards hypothyroidism. He also discusses certain myths pertaining to the food restrictions for patients with hypothyroidism. «less

By Shriraam Mahadevan | Jun 13, 2022

Medicine in Practice: SCH- How to confirm? When to treat? - Dr Shriram Mahadevan
Watch Dr. Shriram Mahadevan speak about sy... more»Watch Dr. Shriram Mahadevan speak about symptomatic clues that can aid in sub-clinical hypothyroidism diagnosis, the clinical significance of TSH & T4 values and patterns, importance of history-taking and specific situations which warrant treatment. «less

By Shriraam Mahadevan | Nov 15, 2021

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