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Dr. Rohini Handa
Dr. Rohini Handa explains the role of low-dose and high-dose steroids in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), types of corticosteroids and when to use them in established RA, and useful facts for clinicians to use steroids in resource-constrained settings.
Dr. Rohini Handa, a noted Rheumatologist from Delhi with rich experience in his field, has tried to clarify the impact of arthritis and the various disease modifying drugs in this article. He also mentions that it is incumbent upon all the doctors to reassure and give hope to the patients.
The year 2019 has been an exciting one for Rheumatology as the gap between the bench and bedside narrows slowly but surely! Here, Dr. Rohini Handa reviews the major disease classification criteria updates, notable drug approvals, and immune checkpoint inhibitor related rheumatic diseases.
Dr. Rohini Handa explains that while gout is well understood, it is often a poorly managed condition, and much like handling flares among patients, it is also important to include another aspect of management that is often overlooked- prophylactic therapy.
Dr. Handa stresses on multimorbidities and prescription cascade in the elderly as well as surgery utilisation rates in knee OA to drive home the point why physicians should be the primary caregivers for OA.
In our Sunday Series, from our archives, we bring to you an article by Dr. Rohini Handa, a noted Rheumatologist who explains in detail about the clinical presentation of gout and the interesting myths, facts, and science surrounding the disease.
Here is Part 2 from the series where eminent rheumatologist Dr Rohini Handa throws light on the treatment of Gout.
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