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Improving Lung Cancer outcomes for India: Early detection and management in primary care
Date: Wed 25 Nov, 2020 7:00–8:00pm
Duration: 1 hour


What the session is about


Discussion (7.00 to 7.45 pm)


  • Scope of lung cancer problems in India
  • What are the relevant solutions for Indian patients


Interactive Q&A (7.45 to 8.00 pm)


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  • You can also send questions 'Live' during the Webinar through the chat window below the video
About the presenter:
Kumarprabhash 1605679711
Dr. Kumar Prabhash, Professor of Medical Oncology, TMH, Mumbai


  • Dr. Kumar Prabhash has more than two decades of experience as a medical oncologist and researcher.
  • He is proactive in increasing awareness about lung cancer and has successfully conceptualised Lung Cancer Consortium Asia.

  • He has significantly contributed in translational and clinical research work in the field of lung cancer and has published 17 papers in recent years.

  • He is dedicated to create awareness about lung cancer with utmost importance to patient care and to strengthen future research.


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