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Malaria research breakthroughs: Promising discoveries & future directions
Date: Thu 25 Apr, 2024 4:00–4:40pm
Duration: 40 mins


What the session is about

Discussion (4:00 to 4:30 pm) 

  • Genomic insights
  • Novel drug targets
  • Role of gut flora in malaria susceptibility
  • Immune responses to malaria
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Multidisciplinary research

Interactive Q&A (4:30 to 4:40 pm)

  • Register now and send your questions through the chat window
  • You can also send questions 'Live' during the Webinar on 25th April through the chat window below the video
About the presenter:
Photi 1713183637

Dr. Sayan Bhattacharyya is MD (Microbiology), Associate Professor (Microbiology), AIIH & PH, Kolkata​

  • He has done MD (Microbiology) FROM PGIMER, Chandigarh, 2008
  • He completed his M.B.B.S, from Calcutta Medical College, 2005
  • He has been Awarded as second best oral paper in STMIDI TROPICON in 2018, Kolkata and best English essay (Louis Pasteur award) on 'One Health and Rabies' awarded by Pashudhan Praharee, 2021
  • He has acted as a paper setter and scrutinizer for various university-level examinations and served as a reviewer and editorial board member of many journals
  • He has a keen interest in Medical Mycology, Bacteriology, Nosocomial infections
  • He has 14.5 years of experience and has 106 publications in various peer-reviewed indexed journals, and has published a book chapter on autoimmunity and Microorganisms (ADEM), Springer
  • He is Chief editor at Eastern Journal of Medical Sciences and editorial board member of many medical journals

Lifetime memberships:

  • IAMM(Indian Academy of Medical Microbiology)
  • IATP(Indian Academy of Tropical Parasitology)
  • ISMM/ SIHAM (Society of Indian Human and Animal Mycologists)
  • GISI (Gastrointestinal Infection society of India
  • ISID (International society of infectious diseases)
  • IPHA
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