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Standing while eating? This has higher risk of cancer

IANS Jan 20, 2024

The risk of stomach and intestinal cancer increases if one is used to standing and eating.

Experts at the second foundation day of the radiotherapy department at Kalyan Singh Super Speciality Cancer Institute highlighted that diseases related to the oesophagus could develop due to certain dietary habits.

Head of the department at PGI Chandigarh, Dr Rakesh Kapoor, pointed out that eating and drinking while standing, could lead to various difficulties, such as acid reflux, as it prevented muscles of the oesophagus from functioning properly.

“This dysfunction increases the risk of oesophageal cancer and eating in a standing position disrupts normal digestive process, requiring more effort from the intestines and elevating the risk of colorectal cancer,” said Kapoor.

KGMU vice-chancellor Dr Soniya Nityanand shared information about the trial of a new technique abroad that showed promise in eliminating small tumours with high-dose radiation.

Head of the radiotherapy department at the Cancer Institute, Dr Sharad Singh noted that delayed marriages and smoking were contributing much to the rising cancer rate.

“Women are postponing marriage to pursue careers, leading to increased cases of breast cancer, given rise to delayed planning of children and reduced breastfeeding,” he added.

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