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Need to revolutionise intervention in physiology to boost patient care: AIIMS chief

IANS Apr 06, 2024

Revolutionising intervention in human physiology may help boost patient care, AIIMS Director Dr M. Srinivas said on 5 April.

"As ambassadors of physiology, let us embrace the dynamic changes and innovative teaching methods showcased in our workshops. Let us carry forth the memory of this institution and its invaluable techniques to every corner of our regions and states. Physiology isn’t just about memorisation; it’s the cornerstone of every medical profession, from doctors to researchers to industry experts," he said at a three-day hands-on workshop to upskill the medicos.

"Let us inspire others to delve deeper into the fascinating world of physiology, ensuring that our teaching transcends classrooms and reaches the hearts of those we touch. Together, let us redefine the narrative of physiology, transforming it into clinical physiology, actively shaping patient care and interventions," he added.

The “Techniques in Physiological Sciences” (TIPS) workshop, held from April 2 to 4, offered a unique opportunity for medicos to gain practical skills in cutting-edge physiological techniques.

During the workshop, participants delved into physiological domains -- from cardiovascular and respiratory physiology to neurophysiology and behavioural techniques.

Participants also gained hands-on training in advanced techniques like non-invasive brain mapping and objective assessments of lifestyle modifications.

"Through 16 dynamic workshops, we’re not just teaching techniques; we’re revolutionising how we understand and intervene in human physiology. From non-invasive brain mapping to objective assessments of lifestyle modifications, our approach encompasses a holistic view of health," said Dr Kanwalpreet Kochhar, the Prof & Head In-Charge of Cognitive Neurophysiology & Nutrition Lab at the AIIMS, New Delhi.

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