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Indians up their spending on dieticians by 125 percent in FY24: Report

IANS Apr 17, 2024

Indians have increased their spending on dieticians by a remarkable 125 per cent in FY24, indicating a strong commitment to healthy eating habits, a new report revealed on 16 April.

According to the full-stack financial services platform Razorpay, health coaching also saw a notable 45 per cent jump in transactions, showing a clear interest in fitness guidance.

"There's a noticeable emphasis on holistic well-being, as evidenced by a 39 per cent uptick in products related to preventive healthcare," said MD & Co-founder, Razorpay.

"This signals a collective shift towards expanding horizons while prioritising health, affirming the adage that 'health is truly wealth," he added.

The report analysed more than a billion transactions between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, to know the spending habits of Indians.

Moreover, the report found that mutual fund investments increased by an impressive 86 per cent, insurance payments saw a significant 56 per cent growth and trading experienced a remarkable 62 per cent jump in value in FY24.

Payments for air travel surged by 2.4 times while spending on travel accommodations soared by 29 per cent in the same period.

Multiplex transactions witnessed a staggering 42 per cent increase in volume. Ticket agencies also reported a remarkable 2.7 times surge in sales.

"Indian consumers are evolving rapidly, encouraging brands to revolutionise their customer engagement strategies across all touchpoints," said Kumar.

In addition, the report noted that close to the New Year, aviation spending soared to nearly three times the daily average. On December 31 last year, online food orders doubled and dine-ins soared to 60 per cent above the daily average.

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