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Early treatment may help curb child obesity: Study

IANS Sep 19, 2023

Early treatment of obesity in childhood is effective in both the long and short term, according to the study.

The study, published in The International Journal of Obesity, was conducted on 170 children of age between four and six years old along with their parents.

Children and parents were randomly assigned to three treatment conditions: standard treatment, parental support group, or parental support group with follow-up telephone support.

Participants in the standard treatment group had meetings focusing on diet and exercise with a doctor or dietician.

The other two parental support groups did not involve the children and focused on how the parents could promote healthy lifestyles in the family in a positive way.

"Such conversations can centre on how to set boundaries, how to teach children new behaviours and how to communicate with preschools, grandmothers, neighbours and other adults in the children's world," said principal investigator Paulina Nowicka, Associate Professor in Pediatric Science at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

The findings showed that the children in all three groups improved their weight status and saw a reduction in their degree of obesity but the children whose parents received parental support had the best results, especially those who also received follow-up phone calls. 

The team also found that more children in the third group showed a clinically relevant improvement of their weight status associated with better metabolic health, by which I mean better levels of blood lipids and glucose, said Nowicka.

Along with this, the scientists also suggested parents build a clear structure at home regarding lunch and do things like strengthen family bonds, make the child involved in the cooking etc.

"Treating children at that age is much more effective than if you start treating them in their teens. some adolescents are looking at possible bariatric surgery and we hope that this can be avoided with earlier treatment," Nowicka said.

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