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Doctor cures woman suffering from rectovaginal fistula for 7 years

Times of India Oct 31, 2018

Dr. Ashwin Porwal, a Pune-based colo-rectal surgeon has successfully treated a 30-year old woman suffering from rectovaginal fistula that was causing her extreme pain for the last 7 years.

The woman had sought several treatments since 2010 when the condition began but found no relief. She had even undergone four surgeries over six years to correct the condition but they did not help as well. Finally, the woman decided to consult Dr. Porwal for a solution. Dr. Porwal found that the woman had several fistula tracts with multiple abscesses from previous surgeries and an anal sphincter that was lax, causing mild incontinence. He performed a 3D Endo Anal imaging with a specialised probe for the fistula. The woman showed good signs of recovery after the procedure.


Information for the article was sourced from Times of India. Find the original article by clicking here.



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