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Coimbatore doctors remove 33.5 kg ovarian tumour, world’s heaviest so far

M3 India Newsdesk Oct 18, 2018

Doctors at a Coimbatore hospital have successfully excised an ovarian tumour weighing 33.5 kg, considered to be the world’s heaviest so far.




The patient, an agricultural labourer from Ooty, initially ignored the growing size of her stomach and finally decided to see doctors only when she began experiencing breathlessness and was unable to walk or eat properly.

After local surgeons refused to treat her, citing that patient survival chances would be very slim, she decided to seek help from a team of doctors at a Coimbatore-based hospital. Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Piyush, Dr. Anita, and Dr. Satish Kumar, successfully removed her tumour.

Speaking about the surgery, Dr. Senthil Kumar mentioned that tumour had occupied the whole abdomen and also compressed the inferior vena cava causing veins to be dilated all over the abdomen. The doctor said that they had to pump the limp lower blood vessels and take extra precautions to ensure that there wouldn’t be any blood clotting during the surgery.

The surgery took nearly three hours but there was minimum blood loss. The patient’s weight dropped from 75 kg to 41 kg after the surgery and she was discharged after three days. The tumour was sent for biopsy and ovarian cancer was confirmed.

The doctors claim that a new world record has been set with this operation. They have already received approval from Indian Book of Records and Asian Book of Records. The previous record for the heaviest tumours (20 kg) to be removed in India was set by AIIMS, Delhi and Pondicherry.


Information for the article was sourced from The Times of India. Find the original article by clicking here.

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