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Bengaluru doctors successfully treat woman with rare Eagle syndrome

Times of India Oct 30, 2018

Surgeons at Hosmat's hospital, Bengaluru have successfully treated a 29-year old woman diagnosed with a rare disease called Eagle Syndrome. 

Eagle Syndrome involves a slender outgrowth of the neck bone and is known to affect only 0.16% of the population. The patient used to experience terrible pain coupled with dizziness everytime she tried swallowing her saliva and while yawning. After futile attempts by 10 doctors who failed to diagnose her condition, the patient consulted Dr. Anuradha Navaneetham, a maxillofacial surgeon at Hosmat Hospital who advised surgery to treat the condition. The patient has now been relieved of the pain and is recovering well. Dr. Anuradha mentioned that the patient's condition was extremely rare and that in her 29 years of career, she has come across only 5 cases of Eagle Syndrome. 


Information for the article was sourced from Times of India. Find the original article by clicking here.

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