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Qure.ai's qXR algorithm can ID abnormal chest X-rays with unprecedented accuracy

PTI Sep 19, 2018

Qure.ai's qXR detects 15 chest x-ray abnormalities at near-radiologist levels, with more than 90% accuracy.


It also screens for tuberculosis and is used in public health screening programs around the world. qXR was trained with over one million curated X-rays and radiology reports, making it the most comprehensive and accurate chest X-ray detection algorithm available today.

"This is an exciting time for deep learning technologies in medicine," said Warier. "As these systems increase in accuracy, so will the viability of using deep learning to extend the reach of chest x-ray interpretation, improve reporting efficiency and save lives." Qure.ai recently launched qER, a deep learning algorithm that can identify bleeds, fractures and other critical trauma in head CT scans with more than 95% accuracy. An unprecedented clinical validation study confirmed the qER algorithms' extraordinary accuracy on 21,000 patients.

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