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80% doctors unaware of damage to human body by air pollution: Experts

IANS Dec 13, 2023

It is common knowledge that air pollution adversely impacts one’s lungs. Experts on ‘air pollution and health’, however, claim that not just lungs but air pollution could be impacting organs from head to toe.

What is actually shocking is the fact that around 80 per cent of medical professionals do not know the extent of the air pollution impact on the human body.

Dr Rajiv Khurana, founder of, Lung Care Foundation, said, “From one’s hair to skin allergies to diseases of the lungs, lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and brain stroke -- air pollution is harmful for all.”

“Even the unborn babies are not safe as air pollution has been found to be linked to many congenital diseases,” added Khurana.

“Not just the people in general, even doctors are unaware of the negative impact of air pollution on various organs. One such assessment by our organisation revealed that around 80 per cent of the medical professionals do not know much about air pollution's impact on the human body,” said Dr Khurana.

The former director general, of the Central Reserve Police Force said, “Air pollution is the most significant cause behind many ailments as one breathes 25,000 times in a day. One can live without water for three days, without food for three weeks, but one would not survive for even three minutes if one is not able to breathe properly.”

Experts also underscored the need to spread awareness on the issue and urged people to form a community to create awareness of it.

“One may begin by reaching out to people in a 20-50 meters radius of their homes,” he noted.

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