Paras Hospitals, Gurugram witnesses more than 100 consultations in the newly launched evening OPD; increases doctors and non-clinical staffs for the heavy footfall

ANI Feb 15, 2020

Leading multispecialty hospital, Paras Hospital Gurugram has increased the service of doctors and non-clinical staffs in order to cater to the growing demand of patients' footfall in evening out patients departments (OPDs), which has been witnessing 300 OPD consultations every evening.

The hospital, known for their commitment of providing the highest standard of medical care possible to all patients, has been tackling medical emergencies round the clock. Various doctors have been employed in each department including ENT, Internal Medicines, Pediatrics, Urology, Dental, Psychiatry, Nephrology among others. All common blood tests such as sugar, liver function tests, kidney function tests are being carried out in the evening besides chest and abdomen X-rays and ultrasounds.

"The management has taken a step towards providing facility to the community at their convenient time so that people should not miss out on work and health both. We have doctors from medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, ENT and eye department in the evening everyday," said Dr Sameer Kulkarni, Facility Director, Paras Hospital Gurugram.

"There are also consultants from neurology, cardiology and urology. We are running this service from 5 pm to 8 pm everyday. We are being accommodative towards doctors. We are asking them to come in the morning, go for lunch and return in the afternoon," added Dr Kulkarni.

The move of evening OPD is a first for Gurugram and takes it past many other states, including Ranchi, Patna, Darbhanga, Panchkula and Udaipur, which do not have such a facility. Those who turn up late often have to go back without being able to register or see a doctor. In Gurugram, government-run hospitals continue to have morning OPDs. In Delhi, Safdarjung and AIIMS hospitals have evening OPDs along with morning.


Disclaimer: Image used is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent a true or accurate depiction of the news report.

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