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Awareness programme about advancement in the field of Gastroenterology and Liver diseases organised in Kolkata

UNI Dec 13, 2019

With a perspective to create awareness about ‘How to have Digestive track and Liver Healthy’, various programmes are being organised by Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology on 12th December.

The four days programme include scientific sessions, panel discussions, debates, and case based deliberations on health issues by experts. Asian Pacific Digestive Week (APDW) 2019 is being organised emphasising the initiatives of Central Government, especially Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The annual conference will have participation of doctors and experts of health sector from 40 Asian Pacific countries also. In a conference, Dr. Mahesh Goenka, President APDW 2019, said that the conference is having participation of 5250 delegates , which is the largest ever in the field of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (liver). About 1700 participants are from 40 foreign countries such as Japan, US, China and Australia amongst other. He said that Liver diseases, pancreas and endoscopy related development and progress are deliberated upon in the 4 day conference.

He emphasised that the sessions deliberated on which Private and Government sector are participating in this sector and discussed about developments which Government is doing and the wish list of health sector expected from Government. Dr Goenka informed that 33 Live Surgeries will be telecast in these 4 days from hospital to convention centre with interactive sessions. He emphasised that these surgeries will be performed by world top endoscopists. He said that there will be 700 stations where young doctors will be trained on models to learn advanced endoscopy under supervision of experts in endoscopy.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, President of Indian Society of Gastroenterology suggested that intake of adequate dietary fibres in the form of vegetables and fruits is essential in day to day food intake is essential. Taking well-balance diet and avoiding excessive calories and daily physical activities are important from life style perspective and to address the growing concern in society about obesity and fatty liver disease. He emphasised that slow eating of food is good habit for proper digestion and Intake of yogurt (curd) helps to maintain good digestive health.

Dr Kumar said that every family should vaccinate themselves and their new borns vaccilate for Hepatitis virus. Dr. Govind Makharia, Professor in Gastroenterology Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and Secretary General of Indian Society of Gastroenterology said that maintaining good hygiene in food and water is of paramount importance to have a healthy life and digestive system. He emphasised that washing hands and Swachhta is of quintessential importance for preventing water and food borne diseases.

Dr Makharia suggested to avoid excessive use of alcohol which is one of the important cause of liver damage.
Staying healthy is basically a life style issue among younger generation, he mentioned. He said that avoiding sharing of needles and razors in hair saloons is important to prevent diseases like Hepatitis C virus and Hepatitis B virus infection.

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