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Primary laparoscopic endorectal pull-through procedure with or without a postoperative rectal tube for Hirschsprung disease: A multicenter perspective study

Journal of Pediatric Surgery Jul 12, 2019

Zhang X, et al. - Researchers conducted a large multicenter series study investigating how preservation of a postoperative rectal tube influence prevention of Hirschsprung-associated enterocolitis (HAEC) after primary laparoscopic endorectal pull-through procedure. They randomly divided a total of 383 consecutive patients with rectosigmoid segment HD into group A (n = 190) and group B (n = 193) and performed primary laparoscopic pull-through procedure on all of them, with the same postoperative treatment protocols except for group A with a rectal tube after surgery for 5 days, while group B did not have it. Outcomes revealed a possibility of achieving a reduction in early-stage postoperative incidence of abdominal distension and HAEC and the risk of HAEC recurrence in the long term in correlation to primary laparoscopic endorectal pull-through procedure with a postoperative rectal tube. In addition, the procedure was identified as beneficial to postoperative management.
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