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Pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes mellitus is characterized by reduced β-cell secretory capacity, rather than insulin resistance

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Feb 11, 2022

Compared to type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients, those with pancreatic cancer associated diabetes (PaCDM) were found to have a lower baseline and postprandial insulin and C-peptide secretion. PaCDM patients exhibited decreased insulin secretion and improved peripheral sensitivity than T2DM patients.

  • In this study of 44 participants who underwent mixed meal tolerance test (MMTT), experts examined the differences between the pancreatic and gut endocrine hormones of patients with PaCDM and T2DM.

  • PaCDM patients exhibited blunted insulin and C-peptide responses to MMTT than T2DM patients.

  • Differences existed in baseline concentrations and AUCs.

  • Lower insulin secretion capacity but better insulin sensitivity was detected in PaCDM patients vs T2DM patients.

  • In the T2DM group, higher peak concentration and AUC of pancreatic polypeptide were evident compared to healthy controls, but in accordance with PaCDM.

  • PaCDM patients had lower baseline glucagon-like peptide-1 levels relative to T2DM patients.

  • No between-group differences were observed for glucagon and gastric inhibitory peptide.

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