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Outcome of immunoglobulin replacement therapy in adults with rhinosinusitis

The Laryngoscope Jun 24, 2021

Makary CA, Behnke J, Peppers B, et al. - This retrospective cohort study was conducted to assess the result of immunoglobulin (IG) replacement therapy among adults suffering from rhinosinusitis and primary humoral immunodeficiency disorders (PID). Participants included 58 patients with average age 52 years (18–79 years). Pretreatment Lund-Mackay score vs posttreatment score was 7.6 (±2.2, range of 0–24) vs 3.5 (±1.3, range of 0–16), respectively. Before initiating IG therapy, more than 10 sinus infections per year were noted in five patients (8.6%), and 33 patients (56.9%) had 5 to 10 infections, and 20 patients (34.5%) suffered 1 to 5 infections per year. Following initiation of IG therapy, no infections occurred anymore in 34 patients (58.6%), and occurrence of only 1 to 5 infections per year was seen in 24 patients (41.4%). These data highlight a promising efficacy of IG therapy to treat recurrent rhinosinusitis in patients with PID.

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