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Association between IL -10 rs3024505 and susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Cytokine Oct 13, 2021

Liu M, Yuan W, Park S, et al. - Europeans carrying interleukin 10 (IL-10)_rs3024505 polymorphism were found to be susceptible to Crohn disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), but its impact should have conducted more studies in Non-Europeans.

  • This is a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess links between the IL-10 rs3024505 polymorphism and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), UC, and CD.

  • The meta-analysis was done with 13 studies, 8,552 cases (IBD patients), and 12,830 healthy controls, and the link between IL-10_rs3024505 and IBD was examined in allele (AG), recessive (RG), dominant (DG), homozygous (HMG), and heterozygous (HTG) genetic models.

  • A significant association of the minor allele(T) of rs3024505 with IBD was found: 1.37 for AG, 2.06 for RG, 1.39 for DG, 2.25 for HMG, and 1.32 for HTG.

  • Subgroup analysis of ethnicity revealed rs3024505 significantly influenced IBD in Europeans but not non-Europeans: 1.38 for AG, 2.07 for RG, 1.39 for DG, 2.26 for HMG, and 1.33 for HTG in Europeans.

  • Sensitivity analysis demonstrated no dominant study in Europeans, but one study had a dominant effect among Non-Europeans.

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