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Modified circumcision using the disposable circumcision suture device in children: A randomized controlled trial

Urology Jul 04, 2020

Rao JM, Huang H, Chen T, et al. - The surgical outcomes and complications of the modified circumcision using disposable circumcision suture device (device group) vs the conventional dorsal slit circumcision (conventional group) in children were evaluated and compared. Randomization was performed of a total of 284 patients to either device group or conventional group. Outcomes revealed shorter mean operative time, less blood loss, lower intraoperative and postoperative pain score, faster incision healing time and a higher satisfaction rate of penile cosmetic appearance among patients in the device group vs the conventional group. They suggest that for the children, with a relatively lower complication rate, the modified circumcision using disposable circumcision suture device is a simple, safe, faster, and effective procedure and may become the attractive alternative to the conventional technique with better cosmetic results. The modified circumcision using disposable circumcision suture device has the potential to be widely used in the world with the improvement of disposable circumcision suture device.

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