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A systematic review of genitourinary injuries arising from rugby and football

Journal of Pediatric Urology Jan 13, 2020

Kim JK, et al. - Because genitourinary injuries in athletes engaging in high-impact sports such as football and rugby may have catastrophic consequences, especially in people with pre-existing urologic concerns, such as a solitary kidney. Investigators sought to summarize the up to date literature on football or rugby-related genitourinary organ injuries among adult and pediatric populations in an effort to risk stratify the likelihood of these injuries. A certified librarian and reviewer conducted an independent systematic literature search for records reporting football- or rugby-related injuries in March 2019. They identify 22 records (11 research studies, 11 case reports). The reported football-related kidney injuries were 0.1-0.7% of all football-related injuries, 0.07-0.5% of all sports-related injuries, and 1.5-37.5% of all sports-related genitourinary injuries, with incidence, found in the pediatric population. In adults, it could be determined that there was no proportion of genitourinary injuries, and football-related kidney injury incidence was 0.000012 injuries per study. Therefore, the study suggests that those engaged in football or rugby had a notable risk of genitourinary injury.
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