Public health insurance expansion for immigrant children and interstate migration of low-income immigrants

JAMA Pediatrics Jan 11, 2020

Yasenov VI, et al. – Researchers performed a difference-in-differences analysis of data from 208,060 immigrants (mean [SD] age: 32.97 [12.94] years; 63% Hispanic) from the American Community Survey (2000-2016) to determine if public health insurance expansion to non–US-born, lawful permanent resident children and pregnant women during their first 5 years of residency is correlated with increased interstate migration among these groups. According to findings, there was no connection between in-migration rates among this population and the expansion of public health insurance coverage. The investigators suggested that states considering expanding coverage of healthcare benefits to newly arrived immigrant children and pregnant women may be unlikely to experience in-migration of these individuals from other states, which has significant implications for understanding the cost of short- and long-term programs.

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