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Associations between physical activity and constipation in adult Americans: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Neurogastroenterology & Motility Jan 10, 2020

Wilson PB - In this investigation involving 9,963 adults from the 2007-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the author aspired to explore if the amount and types of physical activity were cross-sectionally correlated with constipation using univariate logistic regression models. Based on low stool frequency (<3 stools/wk) and a hard/lumpy consistency (type 1 or 2 on the Bristol Stool Form Scale), constipation was defined. According to results, 3.4% of Americans were constipated based on < 3 stools/wk, while 7.3% were considered constipated when using the hard/lumpy definition. No strong association was found between self-reported physical inactivity and passing < 3 stools/wk or hard/lumpy stools on the population level. Better designed prospective observational and intervention studies are required to explain how different forms of constipation are influenced by physical inactivity.
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