Obesity is the most common risk factor for chronic liver disease: Results from a risk stratification pathway using transient elastography

The American Journal of Gastroenterology Nov 22, 2019

Harris R, Card TR, Delahooke T, et al. - Researchers examined how a raised body mass index influence the risk of liver disease using data from a community risk stratification pathway. Five hundred seventy-six patients from a primary care practice with hazardous alcohol use and/or type 2 diabetes and/or obesity were assessed for a transient elastography reading. They defined a threshold of ≥ 8.0 kPa as an elevated reading consistent with clinically significant liver disease. Obesity was identified to be the only risk factor in 31% of patients with an elevated reading. Multivariate logistic regression revealed a significant association of increasing body mass index and type 2 diabetes with an elevated reading. These findings suggest obesity as a significant single or additive risk factor for chronic liver disease.
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