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Metagenomic analysis reveals a rich bacterial content in high-risk prostate tumors from African men

The Prostate Sep 03, 2019

Feng Y, Jaratlerdsiri W, Patrick SM, et al. - Through metagenomic analysis of host-derived whole-genome sequencing data, experts revealed the microbial content within prostate tumor tissue from 22 men. Between the African, Australian, and Chinese prostate tumor samples, 23 prevalent bacterial genera were discovered while nonbacterial microbes were distinctly absent. The core prostate tumor microbiota was enriched for Proteobacteria, while the most abundant genera across all samples were Escherichia, Propionibacterium, and Pseudomonas. A notable rise in the richness of the bacterial communities within the African vs Australian samples, principally driven by eight predominant genera was seen. Recognizing core human gut microbiota, African prostate tissue samples seem enriched for Escherichia and Acidovorax, with an abundance of Eubacterium related to host tumor hypermutation. Thus, the presence of a core, bacteria-rich, prostate microbiome was evident. Moreover, while unable to exclude for fecal contamination, the perceived heightened bacterial content and richness within the African vs non-African samples, together with elevated tumor mutational burden, infers the possibility that bacterially-driven oncogenic transformation within the prostate microenvironment may be adding to aggressive disease presentation in Africa.
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