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Semen and reproductive hormone parameters in fertile men with and without varicocele

Andrologia Aug 30, 2019

Redmon JB, et al. - Women pregnant with unassisted pregnancies attending prenatal clinics affiliated with Study for Future Families (SFF) clinical sites in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Columbia, Missouri, and New York and 709 men enrolled in SFF by the researchers in order to define semen parameters, reproductive hormone levels and other features of men with SFF and without varicocele. In 56 of men, a varicocele was discovered by clinical examination. Men with varicocele had smaller left testis and lower total and total motile sperm counts in comparison with men without varicocele. In men with varicocele, gonadotropin levels, as well as testosterone levels, were higher. Irrespective of these differences, no variation between the groups in the time to accomplish the study pregnancy or percentage of men with a former pregnancy was noted. Therefore, in the fertile men, varicoceles are correlated with some degree of testicular hypofunction. This would support current suggestions to acknowledge varicocele repair in male partners in infertile couples who exhibit both a varicocele and abnormal semen parameters and following assessment for treatable female factors.
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