Homelessness and self-rated health: Evidence from a national survey of homeless people in Spain

BMC Public Health Aug 14, 2019

Fajardo-Bullón F, et al. - In this secondary analysis of cross-sectional data from 2,437 homeless adults in Spain (83.8% male), researchers investigated the possibility of a significant link between Self-Rated Health (SRH) and drug use (alcohol intake, ever having used drugs), health variables (visiting a hospital once in the last year, visiting the doctor in the last month, having a health card, sleeping difficulties, and having a disabling impairment), and sociodemographic features in these individuals. The significant factors that were related to perceived good health included being male, an abstainer, having a health card, and being in the youngest age groups. All significant risk factors related to perceived poor health included ever having used drugs, having been a night in hospital, having gone to the doctor in the last month, having sleeping difficulties, having a disabling impairment, and being in the older age group. The investigators concluded that, in order to achieve improved health and well-being for those who face homelessness, interventions to decrease drug intake and guarantee access to health card/health services, as well as improving services for older, female, and disabled homeless people could be of benefit.

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