Gender-based violence and engagement in biomedical HIV prevention, care and treatment: A scoping review

BMC Public Health Jul 14, 2019

Leddy AM, et al. - Given that gender-based violence (GBV) increases women’s risk of HIV acquisition, researchers conducted this comprehensive scoping review to assess how GBV could act as a hindrance to accessing HIV services, treatment, and care. Among women living with HIV—including female sex workers, transgender women, and women who use drugs—the impact of GBV on engagement in pre-exposure prophylaxis and the HIV care continuum was investigated by analyzing existing evidence. The investigators also included peer-reviewed studies from PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science. According to the findings, women’s uptake of HIV testing, care, and therapy was hindered by GBV, yet possible differences across various geographic and epidemic settings were observed. To further understand the link between GBV and HIV care and treatment outcomes, the authors suggested that further longitudinal research is warranted.

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