High baseline fat mass, but not lean tissue mass, is associated with high intensity low back pain and disability in community-based adults

Arthritis Research & Therapy Jul 10, 2019

Brady SRE, et al. - Utilizing validated tools over 3 years, researchers explored the connection between fat mass and fat distribution on back pain intensity and disability. For this investigation, participants, aged 25 to 60 years, were evaluated using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for body composition measurement at baseline. According to findings, all DXA measures of fat mass across several different body regions (total, upper limb, lower limb, truncal, android, and gynoid) were linked to a significantly higher risk of high-intensity back pain and disability over 3 years, on the other hand, no significant link was found for lean tissue mass. The findings of this research suggest specifically targeting a decrease in fat mass (not just weight loss) to avoid back pain, especially in those carrying surplus fat in the android distribution. It has the ability to reduce the burden of elevated intensity and disability back pain in overweight and obese adolescents by targeting adiposity at a population level.
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