A comprehensive assessment of risk factors for falls in middle-aged adults: Co-ordinated analyses of cohort studies in four countries

Osteoporosis International Jun 20, 2019

Peeters G, et al. - Via assessing cross-sectional models and cohort studies in Australia, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and Ireland that included data from individuals aged 40–44 and 60–64 years, researchers identified demographic, health, and lifestyle factors associated with falls in adults. Poor mobility and urinary incontinence were consistently found to be associated with falls in all cohorts. Risk factors commonly known to be linked to falls in older adults were also linked to falls in middle age. Compared with results from previous studies involving older adults, specific risk factors (eg, musculoskeletal conditions) may be more important in middle age, according to the investigators. Overall, available preventive interventions for falls in older adults may also benefit middle-aged adults; however, personalization according to age, sex, and country is required.

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