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Viral Gastroenteritis Management: MCQ Challenge

M3 India Newsdesk Jan 30, 2024

The MCQ article discusses managing gastroenteritis in children and strategies to prevent norovirus outbreaks. It emphasises the importance of proper diagnosis and management.


Viral Gastroenteritis: Part 2

  1. A 10-year-old child has 2 days of vomiting, watery diarrhoea, and moderate dehydration. There is an outbreak of suspected norovirus at school, with 30% of students affected. Lab testing is unlikely to aid management. The most appropriate next step is:

  1. Which of the following diagnostic methods for viral gastroenteritis has the highest sensitivity and specificity when performed correctly?

  1.  A 3-year-old presents with 24 hours of vomiting, watery diarrhoea, and low-grade fever. The likely diagnosis is viral gastroenteritis. Which one of the following statements best characterises appropriate management?

  1.  Which of the following strategies would be least effective at preventing the spread of norovirus gastroenteritis during an outbreak?

  1. A hospital floor has seen increased episodes of gastroenteritis over one week. Which of the following findings would make a norovirus outbreak most likely?
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