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Topping charts on MDclip- October 2018

M3 India Newsdesk Nov 06, 2018

Dear Doctors,

We hope you are using our MDclipTM application, if not you are clearly missing out on lots of action! Here we present to you the lowdown of all that was popular in October. Join MDclipTM now and start building a following among the 40k+ Doctors network in India.

Top 3 articles in October 2018 by popularity

One of the more popular clips and opinions was:

Most popular Experts (indicated by a star) and members in October 2018

MDclip Pioneers' program - Earn M3 India activity points with MDclip

You can now join the MDclip pioneers’ program and earn additional M3 India activity points. The program will run until 31st December 2018.

Activities that earn points

Logging into MDclip: Earn 10 points daily in addition to points you earn on M3 India. So, if you access both the platforms, you can get 20 points daily!

Adding opinion to discussion articles: You can earn 25 activity points for every opinion that gets published*. Only opinions that add value to discussions will get published. All opinions are moderated and need to follow publishing guidelines on MDclip.

The points will be awarded within 2 days of the point activity and will reflect in the points statement on your M3 India account.

* Points for opinions will only be awarded after it will be published. Here is the process.
Submit opinion → M3 India review process → Publish opinion → Point awarded (within 2 days)

To start using the application, simply download from iOS play store or Android Google Play. You can operate MDclip by using your existing profile with M3 India, without a need to create a new profile.

Start using the app now to earn and learn with peers!

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