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Series summary: A recap of the articles we published this week to honour Doctors’ Day

M3 India Newsdesk Jul 08, 2018

In the Sunday series, today, we bring to you a recap of the a series of articles contributed by eminent doctors around the nation as we celebrated Doctors’ Day throughout the past week.


July 1 is celebrated as Doctors’ Day every year to observe the birth anniversary of a great physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy and to nationally honour India’s doctors, for their contributions to medicine and society.Eminent doctors from around the nation shared their stories, their views and opinions.Some of these articles detail on stories from their practice, some offer pearls of wisdom to the new generation of doctors, whereas some highlight pressing issues that warrant immediate action in the country.

Here is a rundown of the stories we covered this week:

  • Dr. Anil Karlekar, a seasoned Cardiac Anaesthesiologist, shared his experience in medicine spanning over four decades, and discussed the shifts he has seen during his practice, while sharing with doctors, wise words on how one should stop the practice of defensive medicine and instead strengthen the practice of appropriate medicine! You can read the complete article here.
  • Noted and accomplished psychiatrists Dr. Achal Bhagat and Dr. Shailesh Jha, in their article highlighted a major issue that needs to be addressed in the medical community- the growing rates of depression and suicide among doctors in the country. They mention about how mental illness is seen as a taboo even in the medical community, while busting a few myths along the way, and calling upon all doctors, hospitals, and policy makers to start extending a helping hand to doctors battling mental illness. Read the rest of the article here.
  • Dr. V. Mohan, a celebrated Diabetologist, honoured Doctors’ Day this year by penning down a few thoughts and sharing valuable wisdom and words to live by for younger doctors who are just starting out in the medical profession. You can read the whole column here.
  • Dr. AP Setia, a noted General Surgeon, with decades of experience, shared an interesting anecdote from his life, an experience he had with one of his teachers, who was responsible for a major turn of events in his life that led him to be where he is today. Read more about his story here.
  • Dr. ME Yeolekar, a gifted academician with a career that is stepping into its fourth decade, discusses the current issues that have creeped into the medical system in recent times, while also stressing that no matter what the situation, a good doctor should always abide by the core values of the profession, something that he has been following religiously through his career. Read his article in detail here.
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