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Management of Gingivitis:Take up the MCQ challenge

M3 India Newsdesk Mar 20, 2024

This World Oral Health Day, let's solve the MCQ, which elucidates various aspects of gingivitis, covering aetiology, diagnosis, treatment, and associated factors. It underscores the importance of recognising drug-induced gingival overgrowth and differentiating between gingivitis and periodontitis.



MCQ on Gingivitis Management

  1. A patient presented to your dental clinic with a chief complaint of gingival overgrowth in the maxillary and mandibular anterior region. On examination, you find mulberry-shaped, firm, pale pink, bead-like enlargement of facial and lingual margins and interdental papilla. Which group of drugs causes this condition?

  1. A 57-year-old female patient complained of swollen gums for 3 years. The patient is hypertensive and is on amlodipine 5mg once daily for 4 years. The first consideration of treatment is :

  1. A 35-year-old patient presented with a lesion which is characterized by punched-out, crater-like depressions covered by a greyish pseudomembranous slough at the crest of the interdental papilla. What is the diagnosis?

  1. Early and established stage of gingivitis is differentiated by an increase in the number of : 

  1. Which of the following antibiotics has been reported to decrease the severity of cyclosporine-induced gingival enlargement?

  1. What will happen if gingivitis is not treated in early cases? The most common sequel of gingivitis is :

  1. Antibiotic of choice in cases of ANUG:

  1. What is the treatment plan for early cases of gingivitis?

  1. A dental assistant took a radiograph of a patient suffering from gingivitis when you were not in the clinic. What is the common radiographic finding you will find in such a case?

  1. Which of the following does not affect gingivitis?
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