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Honoring the Healers: Personal Reflections for Doctor's Day

M3 India Newsdesk Jul 01, 2024

This article honours the commitment, empathy, and great responsibility of doctors on Doctor's Day, emphasising their vital role in both healthcare and society. It emphasises the honourable, difficult, and unwavering dedication to healing and caring for others in the medical profession.

In honour of Doctor's Day, we offer the insights of our dedicated doctors, whose words encapsulate the sense of duty and compassion that directs their healing hands.

Dr Sayan Bhattacharyya

Doctors are caring caregivers. They always try their best to provide quality care to their patients. However, please understand that doctors are also human beings, and be tolerant towards them.

Dr Bhavin Mandowara

On this Doctors' Day, we celebrate the dedication and compassion of all doctors who tirelessly serve their patients. Doctors' Day is a moment to honour the invaluable contributions doctors make to healthcare and society. Today, we recognize the selflessness and expertise of doctors, who are true heroes in our communities. Let's acknowledge and thank doctors everywhere for their unwavering commitment to healing and caring for others. Happy Doctors' Day to all doctors, whose passion and skill continue to inspire and save lives every day.

Dr Birdevinder Singh

The foremost thing doctors strive for is patient well-being. In today's world, he has to see the cost constraints of family and explain illness and treatment details to gain the eroding trust of the doctor community. This makes the treatment of high-risk cases even more challenging. Moreover, if the outcome of the case is not favourable doctor is guilty in society and media until proven otherwise.

Dr R. Sreelatha

Care & share your health & save yourself to save others' health by donating blood twice a year irrespective of gender/caste discrimination.

Dr Mohmed Soeb Jankhwala

Gratitude for the Guardians: The medical profession offers a beacon of hope in some of life's most challenging moments. Your tireless dedication illuminates even the darkest nights.

Message for budding doctors: You're entering a field that's constantly evolving. The human body is a magnificent textbook with endless chapters. Learn every chapter with love, interest and passion. Learn not only from textbooks but from the whispers of patients too. Try to be a lifelong learner find balance in your life and take care of yourself as you care for others.

Dr Milind Jha

Being a doctor is a pride, pleasure and privilege, but, more than that, a responsibility; that too, a huge one to shoulder. Being a doctor is a different outlook, a different perspective towards life.

It’s not just about the disease and its understanding, it’s more about being able to stand in the shoes of and go through the turmoils that the person suffering is going through, both mentally and physically.

Being a doctor has made me more respectful and humble and has changed my approach towards everything. I remain ever obliged to the Almighty for giving me this chance to serve my fellow humans.

To my younger colleagues and the budding ones:

Please be patient with your “patient” !! He/She has been patient enough with his/her problems. We live in times where it’s easy to be influenced by the slightest pretext and make regretful decisions. May we not be swayed by a name, gender, cast, colour, creed, religion or nationality and may we remain true to our duty towards those who remain “patient”, is my prayer! Also, please remember that it is the “practice” of medicine that we are in. It is an ever-evolving science and we need to be on our toes to extend the best benefits of the science to our patients. 

Dr Jimmy Patel

As I reflect on Doctors' Day, I am humbled by the privilege of serving others through medicine. Each day brings new challenges and rewards, reminding me of the profound impact we have on patients' lives. Our profession demands not just medical expertise but also empathy, patience, and resilience. Today, I celebrate the opportunity to heal, to comfort, and to make a difference. It's a calling that requires continuous learning and adaptation, yet it's incredibly fulfilling. To my fellow doctors, thank you for your dedication and passion. Together, we shape the future of healthcare with each patient we care for.

Dr Tosha Shah

Doctor: A degree that costs a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl to be serious!

No accolades for doing the job, no smiles when you finish your shift, no appreciation for the hard work we put in... But I would never have it any other way. The relief on patients' faces after the successful surgery. The cries of newborns warm the hearts, the helping hand of god guiding us along the path, a path not for the faint-hearted. A path with obstacles around every corner. A noble profession, a service to humanity! Being a doctor means much more than my words would describe. The sacrifice gave rise to a beautiful tragedy! A worth learning, a self-fulfilling experience! 

Dr Khemeswar Agasti

As a Doctor, I feel it's a noble job as well as the best opportunity to serve mankind. As we say service to mankind is service to god.

As we celebrate Doctors Day this year I want to thank all my fraternity friends and colleagues and all the doctors of my country. The theme for National Doctors Day 2024 is: "Healing Hands, Caring Hearts. So as doctors, we should be kind-hearted towards patients and we should provide maximum care as possible. Jay Jagannath!

These heartfelt reflections on Doctor's Day reveal what it means to be a doctor—balancing the immense responsibilities with compassion and continuous learning. The dedication of doctors to their patients and their profession is truly commendable.


Disclaimer- The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of M3 India.

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