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GERD Management in Paediatric Patients: MCQ Challenge

M3 India Newsdesk Feb 05, 2024

Take this paediatric GERD-based quiz. Assess your knowledge on medication initiation phases, long-term implications, and appropriate interventions.


Paediatric GERD Management

1. In the step-wise schematic for the management of pediatric GERD, the use of medication begins from

2. The mother of a 14-month-old child conveys her concern regarding the frequent episodes of regurgitation her child has been having for the past three months. A thorough physical examination and imaging workup rule out structural etiologies for these complaints, and the child is advised expectant management. She is concerned about the long-term effects of not treating her child’s GERD. Which of the following statements is false in this context?

3. A 4-month-old infant girl is brought to the clinic by her mother for complaints of frequent regurgitation of breast milk after feeds and occasional vomiting. On examination, the infant has normal growth parameters and no other abnormalities. Which of the following is the most appropriate recommendation regarding feeding?

4. A 4-week-old exclusively breastfed infant is brought in by his mother for complaints of spitting up and vomiting after more than half of his feeds. He was born full term, and weight gain has been adequate. The mother asks if she should stop breastfeeding him. Which of the following is the most appropriate recommendation regarding breastfeeding?

5. A 5-year-old girl with confirmed gastroesophageal reflux disease has had persistent symptoms over the past 4 months despite adhering to lifestyle modifications and an optimised dose of proton pump inhibitor therapy. Which of the following is the best next step for managing her GERD?

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